There are a lot of things that affect your Bounty growth and how much you’ll get out at each CashDrop, so it’s kinda tricky to project that for you. If we were dodgy, we’d show you a bunch of impressive-looking numbers, but we’re not into empty promises 👎🏽, so instead, we’ll give you an example of what Bounty growth and CashDrop amounts might be for our friend Joe:
This is Joe…

We can assume that he earns an average real return (the return above inflation) of 1.5% per year and that his premium, starting off as R1000 p/m, will increase by about 10% per year to allow for future benefit growth (but don't get bogged down by this). We also assume that ol’ Joe here will keep his benefits in force (aka 'active') and claim-free until he turns 70, and that he keeps his CashDrops invested.
If this ↑↑ stuff is all correct, then in 5 years’ time, Joe’s going to get a R3,587 CashDrop. His next CashDrop (in 10 years from today) will be R5,576. By the time Joe is a 70-year old chillin in his holiday home in Plett (👴🏽+🌴), his Bounty will have grown from the R96,000 he got today to a whopping R618,384 (wowzers 💥!). And that’s how much we’ll hand over 💰 to our hypothetical friend, Joe. Happy 70th, buddy! *Remember, these numbers are in today’s money terms.
So that’s all awesome and stuff, but we can’t make these claims without making it as clear as your gran's glassware that these values are illustrative only and cannot be guaranteed, plus, they’re projected in real terms (aka in today’s money 💵 terms). Because we’re neither magicians 🎩 nor palm readers 🔮 here, we can’t predict the actual performance of Joe’s Bounty investment and his CashDrop values and so, it could be different from what we’ve shown here.

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