Wealth Bonus is a monthly investment we make in you for paying your premiums.

For every premium you pay, we put money into an investment account for you, where it grows 🐣 🐥. 

Investing is when money 💵 is given to something that has the potential to earn you more money 💰. When you get insured with Indie, you become an investor because your Wealth Bonus is an investment that creates wealth in an investment account. 

The amount that we invest depends on your current age and your premium value. From ages 18-30 years, we’ll match 100% of your premium. The older you get, the smaller our monthly investment will become until, at age 70, we’ll invest 25% of your premium.

What's more, every 5 years of premiums you pay, you'll get the option to withdraw 10% of your Wealth Bonus to use as you please. We call this a CashDrop.

When you turn 70, the full Wealth Bonus gets paid to you.

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